Camel Riding in the Deserts of Dubai 2019

Camel ride Dubai

Camel Riding in the Deserts of Dubai 2019

An ancient Arabic tradition, across the lands of sandy hills that gives you every bit of Bedouin taste; Camel Ride.

You can’t possibly imagine the exciting camel ride Dubai brings to you as you stand in the middle of the desert waiting for your turn to climb on this wild beast.

Camels have been a huge part of Arabic culture, owing to their marvelous surviving capabilities.

They can walk miles without food and water. They are loyal to their owners and they are great dessert companions. All of these qualities combined made camels the best means of transport back in the day for the Bedouin.

They were used for covering long stretches of Arabian deserts.

Even today,

If you happen to visit Abu Dhabi, there is a separate camel market for their purchase and sell. The atmosphere there, teaches you the struggle Bedouin used to go through prior to their prompt development after the discovery of oil.

Dromedary – Arab’s Best Friend

Another name given to these ancient partners of Bedouin is dromedary.
These are the largest types of camels among the entire species. Their astonishing height reaches up to 6.6 ft which is quite amazing, truth be told.
These single hump beasts are a fun way to travel to the furthest corners of Arabian desert. Apart from transport, camels have been used for trading purposes as well. The nomadic desert-dwellers depend on these animals.

The advancement in technology is slowly diminishing the importance of the camels.


the value they hold in the lives of Arab is still quite high, especially for the pastoralist tribes. It’s quite far from possible that people living in the less-developed areas are going to let go off these animals anytime soon.

“Dilool” – Camel Riding

The built of a camel’s body is perfect to survive in the desert. Their long-legs and supple skin help them keep up with the harsh terrain and atmosphere of Arabian lands.

These dromedaries are trained as soon as they are 3 years old. The reason behind – camels don’t easily give in. They are a hard specie to command. The camels are trained in few steps. First their heads are controlled and later on the owners start to train them for riding occasions.

Typically, they are trained to respond to standing and sitting commands. One of the hardest tasks for the owners is to mount on a camel. These animals try to escape their owners as soon as their mounting training starts.
It is a slow and gradual practice that requires enormous patience.

We often neglect the efforts put in by the owners of these camels, in order to train them to let us have fun while riding the camel.

An Arabian Adventure

The activity of camel trekking Dubai has been around for many years.
To your surprise,

The one hump Arabian beasts have been domesticated for 3,000 years approximately. In the past, people were judged as wealthy if they owned camels.

But now,

These camels have turned into an astounding way of entertaining the tourists.

People from all around the world, travel to Dubai just to have a glimpse of Bedouin traditions while riding on the back of a camel. It’s no surprise that children love being 6 ft perched in the air.

What if I’m a Beginner?

There is not a single reason in the world that should stop you from riding this glorious animal.

It is fun as it is enthralling. Everyone deserves to enjoy this thrilling adventure. If you are afraid that you might embarrass yourself, then you don’t have to worry about anything.


The cameleers present in the evening desert safari Dubai for your amusement, spend years training their camel to allow mounting. They also guide you on how to ride this heightened animal.

Yes, it does get tricky!

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have fun. These animals are familiar with being a part of the tourist’s adventure. The safari guides teach you some basics about riding a camel that are enough for you to have a smooth start.

Tips to Remember While Riding a Camel

Just to give you a heads up, here are some things you need to know before you ride a camel;

Lean backwards while the camel takes off

While landing, make sure you are not sitting straight, it could cause you to fall

Always hold on tight while riding a camel

Fun fact: Camels can kick in all directions. Make sure you don’t tease if you see one.

Camel safari ride is definitely going to add spice to your desert safari tour. It is equally delightful as it is fun. Take your friends and family for this rememberable adventure in the towering red dunes desert safari Dubai of Arabian desert.

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